Thank you for stopping by. You’ve landed on my professional blog site where you are likely to read an assortment of posts about my life as a disabled dancer and choreographer. OK. I admit, there’s probably going to be more as well. I’m pretty sure that once I get going, it will be hard to resist allowing this empty screen to become a space where I permit myself free rein to think over ideas about aesthetics, art, architecture, fitness, wellness, music, travel, horse riding. Welcome to my life! I hope we will have a chance to converse.

Confession. It does seem wise to start by being honest, yes? This is not my first blog. For around seven years–from 2006 to 2013–I blogged anonymously as Wheelchair Dancer (hence the twitter name). I’m not entirely sure why I stopped writing. It was in part that the era of disability blogging had changed; there are now so many blogs about disabled life. It was in part that I ran out of steam. Maintaining that voice had become work. I wasn’t the same person either. My perspectives on disability and my life had changed; my dance work had changed. I’m not sure. I might even have been tired. I do know that internet culture had changed; I was tired of my work being taken. As an anonymous (well, not *that* anonymous, but you know….) persona, very few people felt accountable to me.

So, perhaps then, just yes. Things are different now. I am different now. I’m ready to write under my own name. I want to claim my own work, follow my tracks in different ways, leave different traces.

Please join me on this new journey.

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