REVEL IN YOUR BODY: a dance film short

a playground of blue sky and towering buildings. Laurel and Alice, one at a time, soar through the air, defying gravity.

The joy of flight

Jumps evolve into joyous flight and split-second connections are luxuriously lengthened in this short dance film featuring disabled dancers Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson.

Shot on the Phantom Camera on an empty parking rooftop with the Atlanta skyline in the background on the campus of Georgia Tech, this film takes high stakes wheelchair choreography into the site-specific playgrounds of parking ramps, metal railings, and breathtaking blue sky.

Creative Team

A film by Safety Third Productions

Alice Sheppard: Executive Producer, Artistic Director, Choreographer

Katherine Helen Fisher: Director

Shimmy Boyle: Director of Photography

Laurel Lawson: Choreography collaborator and costume design

Lisa Niedermeyer: Producer

Missy Mazzoli: Music Composition

Cheryl Green: Audio Description


April 27-28 2019 LOS ANGELES

Grand Park’s Our L.A. Voices



May 24, 2019 ATLANTA

Decatur Arts Festival

June 14, 2019 MINNEAPOLIS

Accessible 360 Headquarters

July 13, 2019 NEW YORK CITY

Dance on Camera Festival

Sept 9, 2019 CHENNAI, INDIA


Sept 20 & 21, 2019 BOULDER

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema 

Sept 21, 2019 WASHINGTON D.C.

National Dance Day at The Kennedy Center

Sept 23, 2019 RICHMOND

Virginia Commonwealth University

Sept 25, 2019 NEW YORK CITY

GIBNEY Beyond Accessibility Elevator Opening

Sept 27, 2019 SASKATCHEWAN

Listen to Dis’ Community Arts at Culture Days

Oct 18 & 19, 2019 PHILADELPHIA

Women in Dance Leadership Conference


San Francisco Dance Festival

Nov 13-17 2019 WILMINGTON

Cucalorus Film Festival

Festival Honors

Antlers frame text that reads: Screen dance, Scotland's international
Laurel logo. Text reads: Official selection. Dance On Camera Festival 2019.
Laurel logo. Text reads: Official selection. San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2019
Laurel logo. Text reads: Official Selection Cucalorus Festival 2019.
Laurel Lawson and Alice Sheppard fly through a cloudless blue sky with arms stretched and their wheelchair wheels spinning. Audio Description access icon. Text reads: Official Selection Dance on Camera Festival 2019.