INCLINATIONS: a dance film short

Choreographed, directed and shot from disability perspectives, INCLINATIONS is a dance-on-film short contrasting the playful connections when disability aesthetics, disability community and a gorgeous ramp meet the institutional histories and discordant inclinations that can lurk just below the surface.

Starring: Danielle Peers, Alice Sheppard, John Loeppky, and Harmanie Taylor.

Run Time: 5 minutes 33 seconds

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Video Teaser

Description of Video Teaser:  Intro text reads: Danielle Peers and Disability Dance Works presents INCLINATIONS. An empty hallway, empty staircase, and empty ramp with metal railing down the center making two lanes. The space is washed in greenish light and eerie music plays. A dancer at the top of the ramp raises her arms and speed dives down the ramp without touching her wheelchair. Three dancers in wheelchairs follow her downhill diving as a pack in quick pursuit. The pack whips around the central metal pole one by one and heads back up the ramp. The pack pumps arms in unison uphill as the first dancer flies her arms overhead. Two dancers connect with the metal pole between them, one balanced on top and the other below; there is tension. An explosion of movement and build-up of music as the two dancers compete for hand placement on the metal railing. Racing downhill, hand over hand. Their wheels blow through the camera frame. Blackout.

Director Statement

INCLINATIONS began as a moment of ‘crip’ play. Alice Sheppard and Danielle Peers finding themselves on a 90-foot ramp on “social street”: the main entrance of the Kinesiology building at the University of Alberta. After a lifetime of climbing awkward, ugly ramps hidden away behind buildings with barely enough room for one chair user, this wide-open slope-scape sent us both literally somersaulting over the rails in our wheelchairs for nearly an hour.

Drawing on Sheppard’s work more broadly, the disabled body, enabled by the ramp, becomes a source of creative movement. Dancers can move in ways that they cannot move on flat surfaces and the ramp itself becomes an artistic object, transformed albeit temporarily into an environment that reveals connection, trust, beauty, and desire.

Choreographed, directed and shot from disability perspectives, this dance-on-video delves into the playful connection enabled where disability, community and ramp meet, as well as the institutional histories and discordant inclinations that lurk just below the surface.

Access Info

Audio Description: Yes.

As creators of film who live disability as a culture and aesthetic, we are committed to creating audio descriptions for our film. We hire voice artists and writers that are deeply integrated into our creative process and approach audio description as it’s own equitable experience of the film.

Subtitles: No. Both film and music score have no text and therefore no subtitles.


Canada Council for the Arts, Disability Dance Works, LLC and The Human Performance Fund – Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, University of Alberta.

Canada Council for the Arts. Conseil des arts du Canada.

Festival Honors


April 6, 2019 CHICAGO

Chicago Inclusive Dance Festival

May 7, 2019 ALBERTA


June 1 – 3, 2019 VANCOUVER

All Bodies Dance Project

Sept 19, 2019 VANCOUVER

F-O-R-M (Festival of Recorded Movement)

Sept 21, 2019 WASHINGTON D.C.

National Dance Day at Kennedy Center

Oct 3, 2019 EDMONTON

Working the Intersections of Gender Conference at University of Alberta

Oct 13, 2019 SAN FRANCISCO

Superfest Disability Film Festival 

October 24, 2019 TORONTO

Experimental Film and Music Festival

Oct 25, 2019 CHICAGO

Access Living Cabaret Event

Oct 25, 2019 AUSTIN

Cinema Touching Disability

May 22, 2020 NOVA SCOTIA [TBD]

Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival




If you are a writer literate in disability culture and film and have a platform to publish on, please contact Alice Sheppard via disableddancer[at] to discuss the possibility of previewing the film and audio description.


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Behind The Scenes

Disability Film Manifesto

by Lawrence Carter Long

Making Dance Film With Disability Gaze

by Lisa Niedermeyer

Superfest Film Laurel. Text reads: Official Selection Superfest International Disability Film Festival 2019
Laurel leaves frame text that reads: Northwest Fest 2019 Official Selection. Edmonton Alberta.
Laurels for Official Selection. Experimental, Dance and Music Film Festival 2019.