It’s moments like this. Breath. Moments where the spotlight is so singularly bright that I’m grounded in the knowledge that “it’s never the shine of a single star that counts as success.  It’s the brilliant glow of a constellation of artists in community growing together and creating culture.” I’m thrilled to share the news of being featured on the cover of the July 2018 issue of Dance Magazine; this is a moment to be collectively shared.

It is deeply meaningful to know one of the last disabled dance artists featured on the cover was Homer Avila, along with his dance partner Andrea Basile (formerly Flores) from back in 2003. Homer was the one who dared me to take my first dance class (more about that story in the Dance Magazine article written by Kevin Gotkin).

As this magazine issue goes out into the world, it brings me absolute joy to imagine who else will picture themselves on the cover in the future. Thank you Dance Magazine for the invitation to represent an entire field of dance artistry that is ripe with innovation and possibility. – Alice Sheppard

Read the Dance Magazine feature story here.