SOLO: Doors

When we realize that we have been left behind in this world, how do we inhabit our bodies? The unusual embodiment of a wheelchair and crutches creates a new physical being. Unfamiliar. Metal. Powerful. Flesh. Beautiful. Rubber. How can we grasp feelings of alienation, reconciliation, and wholeness? How do we reach across time and extend in our present?

SOLO: Trusting If/Believing When

Featuring an unusual use of a wheelchair, this piece investigates the moment when trust turns to belief. When hoping turns to knowing. The moment when time hangs in the balance, and we can only believe in each other.

SOLO: So, I will wait…

So, I will wait explores the collapse of time and the sensation of being in-between. How do we know when the waiting has ended? How should we acknowledge the loss of the past? When the pressures of time lift, the revelations of stillness seep slowly into our beings.