Physically Integrated & Inclusive Dance Projects

Alice with Laurel Lawson. Laurel lifts Alice in her chair onto her lap; Both smile.
Photo Credit: Keith Sackin. Dancers: Laurel Lawson and Alice Sheppard

Known as physically integrated dance in the United States and inclusive dance in the United Kingdom, this art form investigates the equal collaboration of disabled and non-disabled artists. In the United States, the professional companies have tended to employ only physically disabled dancers. Companies in the United Kingdom have established the art with dancers with a wider variety of impairments.


Choreography Projects

Strapped into her chair, Alice kneels, head on the ground, her face hidden. Rear wheels fly up.Photo Credit: Keith Sackin

I believe we need work made by disabled artists for the disability community writ large. We need art that explicitly acknowledges the work of disabled artists of colour not just in an inclusory way but in a manner that challenges the uniformity of disability narratives we have thus far promoted to the non-disabled world.