Disability Dance Works is a production company launching art experiences at the intersection of disability + technology + design.

It is the hub for all Alice Sheppard projects.


Disability Dance Works [DDW] is the production company and hub for all projects launched by the independent dance artist Alice Sheppard. In Fall 2017, art and technology expert Lisa Niedermeyer joined the company full time as Vice President to support the launch of projects at the intersection of disability + technology + design. P.S. 314, also joined in 2017 as Impact Campaign Strategists, to integrate partnerships, community engagement and impact assessment into each project.

Production Company Core Team

Alice Sheppard, President

Lisa Niedermeyer, Vice President

P.S. 314, Impact Strategists


Production Company Projects

DESCENT by Kinetic Light

Audimance: Mobile App Project

Radical Inclusion Lab (coming soon)


I chose to form Disability Dance Works as a production company rather than as a traditional dance company because, like many other independent artists today, I am searching for ways to bring innovative and interdisciplinary work outside of the arts bubble. Each project has its own carefully chosen team of collaborators, branding, intended users, and funding model. – Alice