My work with Full Radius Dance Company began when I was asked to take on a role created for one of the company’s dancers. In physically integrated dance, this was an unusual career opportunity. Because the bodies of disabled dancers differ-even though our diagnoses may be the same — it is rare that one disabled dancer can simply “step” in for another. I really enjoyed the project and was honoured to be asked back the next year to perform in my own role.
It is four years ago and it is yesterday (excerpt: quartet) (2014)
Choreography: Douglas Scott; Dancers: Renee Beneteau, Lindy Dannelley, Kyle Allen Ebbs, Shawn Evangelista, Laurel Lawson, Lisa K. Lock, Alice Sheppard, and Onur Topal Sumer
Snapshot (2014)
excerpt: duet. Minsky’s Burlesque, New Jersey, ca. 1954. Dancers: Laurel Lawson and Alice Sheppard. Music: “Little Things Mean A Lot” by Edith Lindeman and Carl Stutz, Vocal by Jayne Mansfield.

Each movement excerpt is a choreographic conversation with a photograph by Garry Winogrand. Choreography by Douglas Scott in collaboration with Lindy Dannelley, Shawn Evangelista, Laurel Lawson, Sara McKenna, Andrew Ritfeld, and Alice Sheppard. Costumes: Douglas Scott.


excerpt: quartet. Santa Monica Pier, 1980 – 1983. Dancers: Shawn Evangelista, Laurel Lawson, Andrew Ritfield, and Alice Sheppard. Music: “Every Breath You Take” by Sting, performed by the Police.