Stuck in the Mud paired a professional ballet company with three professional disabled dancers and a large outreach cast of sometimes up to 150 disabled and non-disabled people. Disabled choreographer (Marc Brew) worked with an assistant Deaf choreographer (Chisato Minamimura) who was also mentoring an assistant disabled choreographer (Laura Dajao). Stuck In The Mud creatively linked an artistic project to an educational process.
Choreography: Marc Brew, in collaboration with the dancers; Composer: Jack White, Dancers: Robbie Moorcroft and Alice Sheppard; Musician: Craig MacDonald. This duet is from the last performance in July 2014.
Stuck in the Mud
Because the process was so unique, GDance created a partial documentary for the project. It features interviews with the choreographer, Marc Brew, and some of the participants, including me.

A shorter trailer, featuring interviews with some of the participants and the choreographer is also available. I’m there, too.