CRIPSiE: Succumb (working title)

CRIPSiE, The Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton, is committed to fostering high quality, creative, anti-oppressive and inclusive art practices and performances. CRIPSiE builds upon ten years of vibrant integrated dance experience in Edmonton. This commission investigates the relationship between individuals and a crowd, exploring how and when we yield, what it means to be overcome. How do we say yes? What does it mean to care for each other? How as disabled people can we do we use and accept care from each other? How do we care for ourselves?

MOMENTA Dance Company: Re-Membering A World To Come

How do we remember the disabled people who died as part of the Nazi regime’s Aktion T4 program, those who were involuntarily subjected to medical experimentation, and those who survived? How do we connect state political violence with the personal horror experienced by survivors? And what can these pasts tell us about our future? This commission explores remembering/re-membering the future by considering the personal story of a now-disabled survivor and the violence against disabled people by the German state. It features the music and live presence of composer and musician James Falzone.

MOMENTA Dance Company: I belong to you

I belong to you investigates connection, community, interdependence, and rejection. It asks whether we can belong to each other and, even, to ourselves. What motivates us to join with others and when do we choose to turn away?